Lesson 1

Day 60

  1. Congratulations on finishing your book! Now you are going to start to learn phonics. That is how to read big words, really, really long words. It will be easy for you. You will learn how to put the sounds of words together. You’ll have to think about how letters usually sound. Read this first page (1 vowels). It is all vowels. Do you remember their usual sounds?
  2. If you need practice remembering their sounds, you can play at starfall. The last row is all the vowel sounds you will be practicing.
  3. Write these words on the top line:  runs   slurp   turn
  4. Count to 20.
  5. Note to parents: I am getting the basic order for the phonics lessons from the phonics book I used, Phonics Pathways, by Hiskes. If you want more examples, cute cartoons and inspirational quotes, buy the book. It’s about $25. I am also not going as far as her book does. I just wanted to give credit to the book for the structure of the phonics curriculum – two sounds to three sounds, end blends, beginning blends, etc. I racked my brain to come up with my own word lists and examples.

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