1. Ordering #s, Odds & Evens

Day 1

  1. Count to 20 by popping the balloons in order.
  2. Play Snakes and Ladders. You can play alone or with someone. (Here’s an alternate link if that one isn’t working.)

Day 2

  1. Fill in the missing numbers in the Number Square.
  2. Ordering numbers   Make sure you read the directions!  It changes! Sometimes it says to click on the cars smallest to largest. That means you will click on the lowest number first. If it says to click on the cars largest to smallest, then you will click on the highest number first.

*Day 3

  1. Watch the video about odd and even numbers.
  2. Then listen to a song video.
  3. *Decide if each number is odd or even. Color in the odd numbers. Print out this 100s chart and trace and color in the odd numbers or color in their squares. Hold onto your paper. Answers

Day 4

  1. Read Odd and Even.
  2. Color in the even numbers on your 100s chart from Day 3.

Day 5

  1. Decide whether each number is Odd or Even.
  2. Odd and Evens  Click on the picture of the game, “Odd or Even” (at the top of the list). Click on up to 100. Remember, just look at the end of each number to decide if it is odd or even.
  3. Play musical memory. Press okay to start.

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